Meet Jarvis

Hello, I'm Jarvis – I’m the A.I. assistant behind all the magic.
We don’t waste time making products that don’t succeed. Let, our A.I. assistant, Jarvis, reverse-engineer top-selling products.

AI-Powered Product Intelligence

Jarvis delivers real-time insights, automation, and improved service delivery across the world’s biggest marketplaces.

This enables us to make rapid decisions based on real-time data. And, enables us to make intelligent decisions on what to create.

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The Undeniable Problems That FBA Businesses Face

The undeniable problems that FBA businesses face create anever-ending headache for many businesses supply chains. With endless amounts of time and money thrown at product R&D, businesses still face uncertainty that their beloved products will sell.

Failure to adapt to new trends and client reviews result in brands being left behind. Because of this risk of uncertainty, it means companies have very slow SOP timelines and take months to hit the market after identifying a potential rising star.

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How Jarvis Works

Bypasses Endless Hours of Product Research And Development.

Jarvis bypasses endless hours of product research and development, rapidly identifying high-demand products that customers love.

This enables VendorCloud to design, develop, market and sell guaranteed best seller to a demanding market place. Jarvis gives VendorCloud security in knowing that our products will sell once they hit market, therefore, allowing VendorCloud to have an extremely effective supply chain and undercut competitors product to shelf timelines.

How We Automate Manufacturing

Faster, Shorter, More Dynamic SOP

With the stress of product selling uncertainty removed by Jarvis it allows VendorCloud SOP to be faster, shorter, more dynamic and flexible compared to competitors.

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Jarvis Opportunity Finder
Data Analysis
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Product sourcing
Vendor vetting
Issue purchase order and payment
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Production line up
Product packaging, design & labeling
Brand registry in Amazon
Photoshoot & copywriting
Listing submission & approval
A+ content creation
Finalizing Shipping Agent and issue shipping order
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Custom clearance and trucking from port
Inventory check-in Amazon Fulfilment Centre
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Repricing Launch Strategy
Campaign Setup
Campaign Optimization

VendorCloud Engineers Product Success

Jarvis identifies successful marketplace product opportunities, analyzes their flaws and strengths, as well as their market potential, scale, and sustainability.
With customer data and insights at your fingertips, you make smart, data-driven decisions and seize opportunities to build products customers want and generate predictable sales revenue.
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Use real-time market data, search analysis, and sales figures for laser-accurate forecasting.

Research and Development icon

Identify customer sentiment and gather valuable insights via NLP.


Launch automated optimized ad campaigns at scale


Manage performance across all functions and marketplaces


Receive detailed, real-time reports throughout the entire product lifecycle