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Founded in June 2020 by Gurbaksh Chahal, a four-time serial entrepreneur with three prior exits of $400MM+, VendorCloud is a high growth and profitable on-demand manufacturing platform that uses machine learning to design, develop, market, sell, identify high-demand products via existing B2B and B2C marketplaces.

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VendorCloud Explained

We Build Better, and Smarter Products Customers Love More.

At VendorCloud, we’re focused on customers. We transformed the way manufacturers understand customers. We are rewriting the rules on marketplace sales and marketing. The products we build here help us serve customers in a refreshingly frictionless way. We’re solving real manufacturing problems and accelerating revenue generation in the process.
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What does VendorCloud do?

We analyze real-time customer purchasing and marketplace data to identify and build top-selling consumer products.

In short, we create intelligent and data-driven brands with a manufacturing and pricing advantage.

And how does VendorCloud do that?

We’re living in a buyer-centric world, where companies need to know customers' desires and feelings about the products they sell.

Our Revenue Acceleration Platform (RAP) helps our supply chain do just that. We connect real-time marketplace data to build a customer feedback loop that defines how to refresh products, delight customers, and accelerate revenue.

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Who is Jarvis?

Jarvis is our A.I. assistant behind all the magic.

With Jarvis, we can forget wasting time and money building products that don’t succeed. We let our, A.I. assistant, Jarvis, reverse-engineer the top-selling products. With Jarvis, we can make data-driven decisions that allow us to dominate marketplace categories and win market share.